NutriDiet Product Overview

3 in 1 power: Probiotics, Prebiotics and Green Tea Catechins

NutriDiet™ contains a powerful synergistic blend of three essential ingredients – probiotics, prebiotics and green tea catechins – that help the body learn to cope with eating and digesting food and absorbing the nutrients from healthy balance.

Japanese women tend to stay slim throughout their lives and one of the reasons is their healthy diet rich in prebiotics, probiotics and green tea. They know that by using prebiotics and probiotics to help balance your digestive system, and then adding green tea catechins to help boost your metabolism, your body is able to work more efficiently and process food better.*

Compared to the Japanese diet, the typical American diet is high in protein and fat, and very low in fiber, making it hard on the digestive tract and waist.

Kowa developed NutriDiet, a supplement rich in the probiotics and prebiotics found in the Japanese diet and the metabolism-boosting catechins found in green tea. The unique combination of three powerful ingredients enables NutriDiet™ to help with digestion, regularity and healthy metabolism when combined with an overall healthy diet and exercise.

Be Fit Inside And Out!

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